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Belvenmore-than-invalved   Belven-excellent enterprise2013
More than invalved
Corporate movie Belven
  Belven awarded as excellent enterprise 2013 
Motivation-by-Belven   Belven-Cyclo-Team for charity
Motivation by the Belven Team
Interview with Belven Employees (Dutch)
  Belven Cyclo Team for Charity
1000 km bike tour for charity 2013 (Dutch)
Belven klaar voor de toekomst   Belvenexcellente onderneming2013
Belven with new building ready for the future
03-10-2013 (Dutch)
  Belven verkozen tot excellente onderneming 2013
Interview Geert Van Mechelen, 13-10-2013 (Dutch)
 Belven-staff committed to growth and charity work   Belvenbusiness-development

Belven staff committed to growth and charity

Interview Liesbet De Bondt, 21-03-2012


Belven & business development

Interview Marc Goos, 25-03-2011