As a family company based in Mechelen, Belven has an eye for involvement and development. The open-minded approach needed to conquer foreign markets has also resulted in Belven's involvement and commitment to conduct business in a socially responsible manner.
Belven is convinced that our close involvement with clients, employees and society can help the company continue to grow.
In 2012, at the request of a number of committed employees, Belven set up the Belven Foundation to support charities and social projects together and stimulate the talent and development of young people.




Investment in education :
  • As a specialist in the production and sale of quarter turn valves, Belven makes material available to schools that can be used in installation built by schools as part of their curriculum. In this way, Belven helps change the way school children look at valves.
  • Belven's in-house training centre facilitates the organisation of courses and workshops for 'future' and new employees. Belven wants to contribute to the training and motivation of young people and in this way ensure a new inflow of specialists.


Enrichment of social environment through sports : 
  • Belven is convinced that sports can contribute to improved employee performance. 'A healthy mind in a healthy body'. The stimulus to promote sports as an outlet for and at the same time source of energy does not only come from within the company itself. Belven also supports a number of external sporting initiatives.
  • Belven offers its employees the opportunity to participate in several sports events with high social value.


Stimulating young talent :

Belven wants to support passionate and socially committed young people to develop their talents and realise their dreams.



More information on this shortly.