automationCentral monitoring and operation of valves is becoming increasingly popular. Today, larger valves can even no longer be operated manually. In such cases, automation is required in relation to the available actuator, which may be pneumatic, electric or hydraulic. Belven has its own department of trained employees who fit the Belven valves with the required automation, wiring and instrumentation. All assemblies that leave Belven have been extensively tested as part of our quality procedure.

Testing and inspection

Testing and inspectionAt the request of our customers and to ensure compliance with our own quality program, goods from our production unit are subjected to sample-based or complete tests, both upon arrival in the warehouse and prior to delivery. To this end, Belven has a state-of-the-art test bench and flanges for virtually all connection types up to a diameter of 1000 mm.

Maintenance and revision

Maintenance and revisionValves are subject to wear and tear. Valve failure due to wear and tear or lack of maintenance may have serious consequences for the process in which the valve is used.  Medium, pressure, temperature, number of cycles, and frequency are decisive factors for the service life of the originally installed valve. Most Belven valves are designed so that the seat and seals can easily be replaced, thereby significantly prolonging the service life of the valve. We think along with our customers and develop programs to monitor the service life of the valves and to enable preventive maintenance, either on-site or at our workshops. This minimizes the risk of failure, giving the customer better control over the production cost.

Training your employees – Belven Academy

Training your employees – Belven AcademyA thorough knowledge of valves is a prerequisite for the optimal selection of the required type of valve, not only in relation to the medium parameters, but also to the consequences of possible failure. That is why the Belven Academy not only organizes appropriate training for our in-house staff, but also offers customers and installers the opportunity to have their employees participate in training sessions and workshops. These can be organized both at our demo and training facility in Mechelen and on-site at our customers’ offices. 
We also maintain close ties with educational institutions to align market demands with new scientific insights. For example, we provide advice and guidance to students from the KU Leuven Faculty of Engineering Technology (De Nayer Campus) and the University of Antwerp preparing their thesis. 


CertificationDifferent environments and applications require different forms of certification, which often involve significant and recurring costs. Belven supplies valves that are ATEX- or DVGW-certified, we can supply valves with an Aquafin-certified coating and valves that are suitable for use in SEVESO companies or in food and pharmaceutical production lines. Where a specific application requires a certificate, our product managers will examine and assess the available options in consultation with the customer.

Certificates that relate to specific products can be found elsewhere on the website under the product sheet.

These are certificates that are generally valid for Belven SA or a whole range of products:

European system certificates
PED 97/23/EC (own products)

Russian system certificates
EAC certification + Declaration of Conformity


LogisticsBelven nv works with reliable logistics partners to ensure our goods arrive intact and at the agreed time. For works in progress, goods are even delivered up to the relevant floor.  Goods can be delivered per container, per box or per piece, always paying particular attention to proper packaging and traceability. Should something nevertheless go wrong in the chain, we will look for the best possible solution in order to live up to our customer promise.