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Simplified installation and operation

The Frese COMBIFLOW 6-way valve allows pressure-independent hydraulic balancing and control of 4-pipe systems with just one valve and one actuator. Previously, this required the combination of a static 6-way valve with a pressure-independent control valve (PICV), i.e. two valves, two actuators, double connecting pipes and a controller - or the addition of a bulky extra electronic unit with a high pressure drop. The integration of the differential pressure controller in the valve and the extremely high flow rate mean that Frese COMBIFLOW requires fewer connection points and allows for a very compact design: fewer leaks, less cabling, less loss of space. The Frese COMBIFLOW 6-way valve can be controlled both analogously and via BACnet or Modbus.

Energy saving and reliability

The COMBIFLOW 6-way valve combines the lowest pressure loss with the highest flow rate in the market, which results in significant energy savings for the pump and often results in a smaller pipe diameter and fewer units in a system. The integrated and mechanical DP controller immediately compensates for pressure fluctuations, ensuring that the system is continually in balance. Overflows are impossible, even in the event of a malfunctioning actuator or power failure. Thanks to Frese's COMBIFLOW, pressure fluctuations no longer have to be absorbed by the actuator, which therefore has to perform far fewer cycles. This increases the lifespan and contributes to energy efficiency by reducing power consumption.

Belven NV exclusive distributor of the Frese products

Frese has been manufacturing control valves for HVAC applications for over 30 years and relies on Belven's know-how for its distribution. Contact your Belven contact person for more information and quotes for your projects.